The First Responders of First Responders.

It takes a unique person to work as a Kern County Sheriff’s Office Dispatcher. The ability to multi-task while communicating calmly with those in need of emergency services is a valuable skill that is needed in this position.

If you have the ability and the desire to literally “answer the call” from members of the community needing our help, then we encourage you to apply.


Kern County Sheriff’s Office Dispatchers operate and control telephones, 9-1-1 equipment, transmitters, and receivers in the Sheriff’s Office through a computer-aided dispatch system.

Dispatchers access and relay information via telephone and radio messages.

A Kern County Sheriff's Dispatcher seated at her console
  • High School Diploma, GED, or Equivalent
  • Possession of a Valid California Driver’s License (may be required to obtain a Class II license)
  • Experience with a keyboard similar to that on a micro-computer is desirable.
  • Keyboard certificate 45 wpm within the last two years
  • Must pass a medical examination
  • Must pass a performance exam
  • Must pass an oral exam

Note: Candidates employed in the classification of Sheriff Dispatch Assistant must have completed the required one year probationary period in this classification before promoting to Sheriff’s Dispatcher I.

  • $4,088.83 – $4,886.53 Monthly
  • 12 Paid Holidays
  • 3 Paid Winter Recess Leave Days
  • Up to 80 Hours of Paid Time Off Per Year
  • Medical Insurance
  • Dental Insurance
  • Vision Insurance
  • Deferred Compensation Plan

Sheriff's Dispatcher I

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Sheriff’s Dispatch Assistant

Under direct supervision, operates telephone and 9-1-1 equipment; receives, evaluates and processes telephone calls for public safety information and services; operates a computer-aided dispatch system to enter calls and transmit emergency requests.

A Kern County Sheriff's Dispatcher seated at her console
  • High School Diploma, G.E.D. or equivalent.
  • Ability to typewrite from a clear copy at a rate of not less than 35 net words per minute.
  • Appointees will be fingerprinted and will be required to pass an extensive background investigation.

Medical Examination: A medical examination shall be conducted to verify the absence of any medical condition which would preclude the safe and efficient performance of dispatcher duties.

Knowledge of: basic principles and techniques of communication equipment and operations; good public relations practices; proper telephone and radio technique and etiquette; basic geography of Kern County; micro computer and associate software.

Ability to: communicate effectively over the telephone and radio; obtain information, determine priorities and exercise good judgment in stressful situations; input data and utilize a computer aided dispatch system; spell correctly and write legibly; comprehend written and oral instructions; keep records, and work effectively with persons of varying socio-economic backgrounds in emergency and non-emergency situations.

  • $22.22 – $26.55 Hourly
  • $1,777.52 – $2,124.30 Biweekly
  • $3,851.29 – $4,602.65 Monthly

Benefits include but are not limited to:

  • Paid Holiday Leave: 12 set days (per calendar year)
  • 3 Days of Paid Winter Recess Leave
  • Up to 80 Hours of Paid Time Off Per Year
  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Deferred Compensation


  • 5% additional pay for evening shift work
  • 7.5% additional pay for night shift work

Applicants must be able and willing to work any shift of a 24-hour period and any 5 of 7 days.

Sheriff's Dispatch Assistant

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