Your Honesty is Paramount

Honesty is the most valued trait of a law enforcement officer. It is valued by not only the law enforcement profession, but the community as well. Victims, suspects, judges, attorneys, and anyone else involved in the criminal justice system, rely on the fact that an officer’s written report, actions, and testimony are the truth.

Unfortunately, too many good people make bad decisions when they take a lie detector test, or polygraph examination. Law enforcement candidates will lie to cover up something they did or had knowledge of, when the issue at hand may not be a disqualifying one.

A law enforcement agency would rather have confidence knowing that a candidate was 100% honest in their polygraph exam, than trying to hide something.

Integrity in The Polygraph Profession

Honesty within the polygraph community is a vital component among this unique profession. Polygraphs are used in a variety of ways:

  • Screen candidates applying for law enforcement jobs at the municipal, state, and federal levels.
  • Monitor Post Convicted Sex Offenders (PCSOT).
  • Assist law enforcement in criminal investigations.
  • Assist attorneys in determining the veracity of their clients.

If polygraph examiners were dishonest in rendering their professional opinions, it would potentially have an adverse effect on public safety and the criminal justice system.



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