As you progress through the hiring process, we will be taking a closer look at who you are and what you are about. You should do the same for us! Take some time to do research about the office through open source information, and learn as much as you can about us. At a minimum, you should know the general population size, the geographic area we cover, and the makeup of the communities we serve. Our social media pages are also full of details about the activities we are passionate about being involved in, as well as news and related information pertaining to some of the critical incidents we have handled. All of this will give you a better understanding of the core values of the Kern County Sheriff’s Office.

Take time in advance to put together an outfit that is clean, neat, ironed, and presentable without being too flashy or distracting. You’re not interviewing with a tech company that espouses a business casual philosophy, so professional attire is expected. Prior to your interview, double-check your appointment time and location, investigate projected travel time, and ensure you give yourself enough room to arrive without being rushed.


Look in the mirror and practice greeting a new face. Say, “Nice to see you,” and mean it sincerely. At the conclusion of your interview panel, you may be asked if you have anything you wish to add. Here’s one time a law enforcement agency is going to advise you NOT say, “No!” Accept the offer to contribute by providing a brief summary of no more than two minutes about who you are and why this position matters to you. Rehearse this in advance so you don’t run out of time to succinctly give the panel a snapshot of your personality, and why this work, this job, and this agency in particular are important to you.


Get some good sleep the night before your interview, dress professionally, and arrive early. You will meet a panel of interviewers who may come from supervisory positions within the Sheriff’s Office. Present yourself warmly, make eye contact, and greet everyone with a solid handshake. They will then ask a series of questions that are designed to provide insight into your background, your previous employment, and your critical thinking skills. Do not be afraid to admit a shortcoming if asked about a difficult situation you may have encountered in the past – the ability to adapt, grow, and overcome a trying circumstance translates positively overall. At the end, provide your personal summary if asked for it, and then take a moment to show graciousness by thanking each panel member for their time.



View our Frequently Asked Questions section to find your answer, or contact a recruiter using the contact page on this website.


The “Your Success” portion of the Kern County Sheriff’s Office’s Recruitment Website is provided to give applicants the best possible opportunity to pass each phase of the hiring process successfully.